Welcome to the Water Resources Sub-Consultation Week 5

Webisode 6: Water and Governance with Hakan Tropp

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Introduction to the Water Resources Management Discussion

Over the course of 5 weeks (14 January to 17 February), the Water Resources Management stream will lay out weekly related topics with key questions that we would like you, the viewer, to comment, discuss and debate about in this open platform. This consultation will provide a contribution to the Thematic Consultation on Water with recommendations on where and how water resources management should it into a post-2015 development agenda.  We look forward to your participation!

Week 1: Water for Energy, Energy for Water  
Week 2: Climate Change and Water-related Risks 
Week 3: Water for Nature, Nature for Water 
Week 4: Water for Food  
Week 5: Governing & Managing Water Resources for Sustainable Development
Week 5: Water for PEACE

Water Resources Management Framing Paper

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Conflict and Groundwater

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