• Girl Rising

    A girls’ education non-profit that delivers research-proven educational programming that reaches 12 countries and 10 million adolescents. Girl Rising uses the power of storytelling to change the way the world values girls and their education.

  • Roma Education Fund (REF)

    The focus is on increasing access to early education for Roma children. They are represented throughout Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, and Turkey. REF provides grants and scholarships to individuals and entities involved in similar work of increasing education access and quality for Roma children throughout the region.

  • Asha for Education

    A volunteer-run nonprofit with over 50 chapters around the world, dedicated to creating socio-economic change in India through education of underprivileged children. Asha has dozens of programs throughout India addressing a number of issues that present barriers to education. They also have a sponsorship program, helping individual children access education, educational materials, and more.

  • The Education Gadfly Show

    Each week, you’ll be ready to join in a lively debate about the most recent educational news. The influence of the pandemic on high school students and educational  asymmetries, for example, could be discussed. An American experience, but the themes and problems, it  addresses are universally applicable.

  • 10 Minute teacher Podcast

    Now here’s a cool podcast aired 5 days a week that help people learn and teachers to improve in their skills and just for 10 minutes!

  • Activism, changemakers and hope for the future | Malala Yousafzai

    Education activist (and recent Oxford graduate) Malala Yousafzai reflects on the defining moments of her life, how she balances passion with personhood and where the world finds itself during the COVID-19 crisis. Listen to her Apple Podcast here.

  • On the Way to School

     Follow along the four students on their morning commutes to school in Kenya, Morocco, Argentina, and India. You will find out more about the extreme reverence with which each child approaches their education!

  • TED Talk: Pearl Arredondo, my story from gangland daughter to star teacher

    Pearl Arredondo grew up in East Los Angeles, the daughter of a high-ranking gang member who was in and out of jail. Many teachers wrote her off as having a problem with authority. Now a teacher herself, she’s creating a different kind of school and telling students her story so that they know it’s okay if sometimes homework isn’t the first thing on their minds.

  • Promoting girls’ right to education in Sub Saharan Africa

    Sub Saharan Africa gender inequality in education remains the highest in the world. 28 million girls have no access to education. This video by UNESCO Dakar shows barriers to education that girls encounter in sub Saharan Africa followed by recommendations to promote girls’ right to learn.

  • Reforming Education and Challenging Inequalities in Southern Contexts: Research and Policy in International Development

    Are you curious about how education interacts with social inequality in the Global South contexts? This book offers an in-depth analysis with new empirical data

  • 6 Ways We Can Improve the Digital Divide's Impact on Education in 2022

    We cannot achieve access to quality education without first obtaining technology equity in schools. Learn more about the digital divide and quality of education 

  • The Impact of Covid-19 on Education

    Here’s a paper which encapsulates a summary of evidence on the early impacts of lockdown.

ARTICLE Innovative educational project which ensures children in India have access to a quality education

Innovative educational project which ensures children in India have access to a quality education

An innovative and affordable solution that uses recycled shipping containers is meeting the educational needs of children in India by providing an educational infrastructure and learning environment to help fill the gap in one of the country’s biggest social issues.

School closures effect Pakistan’s rural populations due to lack of internet

The closures of schools around the world has severely impacted the education of millions around the world. As children were expected to turn to online learning throughout the pandemic, it ultimately exposed the flaws in the current system with lower-income families unable to have access to the technology required in order to learn, reversing the progress of many.

5 companies which perfectly balance profit and purpose

The World We Want, has launched an inspiring call to action to break the silence around menstruation.