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Welcome to the Dialogue with the Private Sector


UNIDO and the UN Global Compact have jointly embraced the Secretary-General’s initiative towards an open process of consultations on “Engaging with the Private Sector”, based on their strength to advance engagement with the private sector. The consultation aims to facilitate a dialogue that will explore how businesses can best contribute to global sustainability, and reflects the global and inclusive scope of the future sustainable development goals and post 2015 development agenda.

Report "Engaging with the Private Sector in the Post 2015"

"A robust and sustainable industrial base will help all countries, regardless of their level of development, to grow their economies, reduce poverty and combat climate change"                                                                       LI Yong, Director General, UNIDO

"In today’s world, long-term financial success can only be assured if it goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship, social responsibility and good ethics"                                                       Georg Kell, Executive Director, UN Global Compact

  To read the consolidated report on 2014 consultations, click here  

Consultation Report Launch Event in NY: 24 September, 2014

This high-level event aimed at informing delegates, private sector participants and other stakeholders of the main findings from the consultations on “Engaging with the Private Sector”, including identified challenges and opportunities, lessons learned and recommendations for how the Post-2015 Agenda can successfully engage industry and businesses as key partners in advancing the future Sustainable Development Goals.   

The event took place on 24 September 2014 at the United Nations HQ in NY in the context of the 69th session of the General Assembly.

National Consultation in Turkey: 19 September 2014

This multi-stakeholder consultation was the fourth meeting in Turkey on private sector engagement, conceived as the National Consultation. It was designed in two sessions in order to provide information, raise awareness and stimulate discussions among the participants on the key role of industries and businesses in development, particularly in the context of the ongoing Post 2015 Development Agenda debate.


Participants were mainly from the private sector, including business associations, organizations involved in sustainability and NGOs. Academia and the Government were also represented. To read the report of this consultation, click here

Latin America Regional Consultation: 30 June-1 July

The opening ceremony of the two-day Regional Consultation: Inclusive Dialogue, Post 2015 Agenda and the Private Sector celebrated in Cartagena, Colombia, was chaired by the Ambassador of Spain in Colombia, Ramón Gandarias Alonso de Celis and the Secretary General of International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Gonzalo Robles Orozco. Participants in this session included representatives from the Colombian Government, UNDP, USAID, UN Global Compact Local Networks, UNIDO, and the Spanish Cooperation.

Participants stated the importance of promoting coherence, complementarity and public-private coordination in the context of the Post 2015 Agenda, particularly linked to the inclusion of the private sector in the development agenda, the creation of decent jobs and the need to integrate women and the youth in the process.  The need to consolidate a new business ethics was also emphasized, for businesses to actively participate in solving public problems in close patnership with the public sector.

The second day of the event was conceived around panel discussions on the following topics: Developing government policies that drive Corporate Sustainability; Mobilizing private sustainability finance; Localizing the Architecture for SME engagement; Addressing cross-cutting elements: gender, governance and the environment; Building trust through enhanced transparency and accountability; and Fostering public-private partnerships. For further information, follow this link, to read the conclusions of the consultation, click here.

To read an official statement, in Spanish, from Mr. Enrique Gallicchio, Coordinator of UNDP Inclusive Art in Bolivia, on opportunities for public-private dialogue in the local context, please click here.

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Europe and Central Asia Strategic Consultation: 16-17 June

Convened under the theme Doing Good to Do Better: Successful corporate strategies that benefit society,’ the strategic consultation for Europe and Central Asia was part of a series of dialogues on the means of implementation of the post-2015 development agenda. It was organized jointly by UNIDO and the UN Global Compact, in close partnership with the Government of Slovakia. The event celebrated in Bratislava explored how European industries can best contribute to the emerging global sustainable development agenda of the UN, both on a local and global scale.


Bringing together over 90 participants from governments, international organizations, the private sector and academia, the event featured high-level panel discussions, followed by two thematic working groups that identified regional priorities for the post-2015 development agenda on: re-industrialization and regional development through innovation, and game changers in development, peace and security; and moving towards environmental sustainability, and achieving food security and livelihoods for all. For further information, click here to read the report of the consultation

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Online Consultations

The online consultations are meant to support and run parallel to the global, regional and national consultations, and will cover each of the core themes of the consultation. The online consultations shall serve as a platform for productive and fruitful discussion in alignment to the overarching topic of Engaging with the Private Sector. All inputs will feed into the report that will be presented at the Sixty-Ninth Session of the UN General Assembly in September.

How to engage

1. Sign up and join this consultation

2. Read the concept note to learn more about the background and focus areas

3. Participate in the live online consultations and share your views. Your comments will be a valuable input for the report that will be presented at the Sixty-Ninth Session of the UN General Assembly in September 2014!

4. Surf the site for updated and valuable information about ongoing consultations and related resources


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