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Introduction to E-discussion: Innovating for Girls' Education

International Day of the Girl Child 2013 – Innovating for Girls' Education

Innovating for Girls’ Education” E-discussion on the World We Want platform 

This discussion is closed now. Thank you, everyone, for participating! Please find the summary of the discussion here

The fulfillment of girls’ right to education is first and foremost an obligation and moral imperative. There is overwhelming evidence that girls’ education, especially at the secondary level, is a powerful transformative force for societies and girls themselves. While there has been significant progress in improving girls’ access to education over the last two decades, many girls, particularly the most marginalized, continue to be deprived of this basic right. Girls in many countries are still unable to attend school and complete their education due to safety-related, financial, institutional and cultural barriers. When girls are in school, perceived low returns from poor quality of education, low aspirations, or household chores and other responsibilities keep them from attending school or from achieving adequate learning outcomes.

Innovation will be an important strategy in addressing the nature and scale of barriers girls continue to face and in ensuring they receive an education commensurate with the challenges of the 21st century. Smart and creative use of technology is one route to overcoming gender barriers to girls’ learning and achievement, but innovation in partnerships, policies, resource utilization, community mobilization, and most of all, the engagement of young people themselves, can be important catalyzing forces.

International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations in 2011 and celebrated annually on 11 October. In recognition of the importance of fresh and creative perspectives to propel girls’ education forward, the theme of International Day of the Girl Child for 2013 will be: Innovating for Girls’ Education. UNICEF as a leading agency for the coordination of the theme and related events is starting a new e-discussion with a similar theme, on the World We Want online platform. The discussion will be coordinated by the Youth Advocacy Group of the United Nations Global Education First Initiative (GEFI).

The e-discussion aims to gather and learn about innovative approaches, ideas and solutions from different regions, countries and communities that help improve girls' education and their learning outcomes, particularly of those most disadvantaged. The e-discussion will be facilitated by expert moderators and will run for three weeks from 16 September to 6 October, each week covering a new theme. The theme of Week One isInnovation in Education Infrastructure.

How can I participate? After you register online (please see below for the weblink), simply click on the E-Discussion: Innovating for Girls' Education – WEEK ONE (and consecutive weeks). Contribute by leaving your views, ideas and stories of innovative solutions in new Comment window. 

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Asia Riches International Communication Publishing Hous
Mon, June 15, 2015 at 12.36 pm

Theory of cosmopolitanism, 20 articles

Needless to say, to write " On Island Warfare” is to provide theoretical support for winning the modern island war, for future 50 to 100 years of national defense and army building、reform、planning and design to provide proactive thinking, has important military value. But more important is to promote the value of peace and worlddatong. "On Island Warfare" is the essence of democratic-peace,datongtheory, win a war is to stop the war, the abolition of war, achieve harmony. President Xiang yang to the United Nations general assembly recommended "On Island Warfare" put forward the idea of promoting world datong, and received strongly support of Head、 diplomats of more than 170 countries, and the UN committee. The 68 session of the UN general assembly President Ashe, 69 session of the UN general assembly President Kutesa, personally write to me or sign an opinion, it makes me feel a great responsibility. For this reason, I made to expand to thedatongthoughts of

"On Island Warfare", put forward “Theory of cosmopolitanism, 20 articles ”, for reference.


Oneeight major signs of cosmopolitanism

(First) Absence of war.  Smoke is away, and war fire is turned into the peaceful clouds. People no longer have the fear of guns roar, no loss of life caused the brutal killings, no longer displaced from their homes brought by the war disasters. Resource is no longer consumed by war, property will no longer be consumed by war. Environment is no longer destroyed by war. Even if the contradictions and disputes, the United Nations can also control according to law, properly handle.

(Second) Elimination of poverty. Countries around the world, regions, nations, are economic interdependent, highly integrated, balanced and sustainable development. Mutual benefit, common development and common prosperity, all enter the ranks of developed. There is no poverty, no gap between rich and poor, only affluence. Material wealth is abundant. People live rich, live and work in peace and contentment, and happiness.

(Third) Liberty of humanity. Full liberation of human nature, in the extent permitted by law has complete freedom of faith, expression and action, can do everything they want to do. Everyone has a personal property of private ownership and discretion、 use right. Everyone enjoy the high quality education, fully sufficient development, has self-improvement、a strong will and broad mind of noblesse oblige, physical and mental health, spiritual civilization and moral.

(Fouth) Egalite and fraternite.  All countries, regions, nations, ethnic and individual person, no high and low, the pros and cons, and hierarchy, are mutual respect, care and help. No discrimination, no bullying, no oppression, are equal enjoyment of all achievements of civilization development, to enjoy all rights of human society, the elimination of all the privileges. The whole world is broadly love, love everyone contributes. Everyone get love, the world has become the best human world.

(Fivth) large capacitance tolerance. The great harmony world, with contain everything, unity in diversity. Multiple populations, multiculturalism, a variety of religious, different social system, different political beliefs, different ideologies, are coexistence of a world, same and not mergers, different and not exclusive, mutual understanding, inclusive and eclecticism, coexistence and co-prosperity, wonderful sharing.

(Sixth) the environment is exquisite. Treat and protect the earth's land, sea, space environment and space environment. Water, soil, air and even unknown space substance, no pollution, no poison. Sky blue ground green, mountains verdant water beautiful, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers.

Man and nature is more friendly harmony, living environment is more beautiful, coordination and safety.

(Seventh) developed science and technology. Human dedicated to the exploration of the universe, life science, high speed development of science and technology, service people's livelihood. Food is more delicious, nutritious,

healthy. The transportation more convenient, humans could roam freely in space, travel between the terrestrial planet. Live more comfortable, building materials more light thin solid, building can be mobile like blocks, street width, urban layout can be adjustment; Can live on land, sea, also can live on alien planet. Life is greatly prolonged, through repair genes, reduce disease and long-term to keep the young state.

(Eighth) management orderly. The United Nations become have sufficient power and authority of a quasi-world government, and have strong functional departments and the amount of armed, police forces, timely and effective handle world affairs according to law, maintain world peace. Have "Datong Law" and a series of international law, effectively regulate, adjust and maintain world order. Countries obey the UN guidance and management, to implement the Datong Law, improve the domestic law and governance according to law, to ensure national stability and orderly development.



Nanjingmilitary region commander, "On Island Warfare" author Zhu Wen quan

Xiang yang Chairman (ACAA)
Asia Riches Forum
Asia Cultural Artists Association
Asia Riches International Communication Publishing Hous
Add:Unit 1105 , 11F , Lippo Centre Tower 1 , 89 Queensway ,
Admiralty ,Hong Kong
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Mobil:86013951266396 Website:WWW.YZHCFGJL.CN


Asia Riches International Communication Publishing Hous
Mon, June 15, 2015 at 12.26 pm

promote universal brotherhood twelve paths

(1) The auspices of the United Nations,world powers, great country to take the lead. The United Nations is the overall planners and organization implements to promote the World Datong, should play a leading role, but the authority is not enough. When conditions are suitable should establish Promoting World Datong Committee, coordinate and deal with propulsion problems that advancing world datong faces. States should appropriate delegation of authority, giving the UN more power to handle contradictions and disputes. Many transnational or global problems that the international community faces are impossible to solve without cooperation between countries especially big countries. Only world powers, big countries to take the lead, the participation from all over the world, the world can go to datong.
(2) widespread idea of world community. Make full use of the United Nations “ Millennium development goals 2015 the world we want " web platform and other media, through the initiative, to preach, to interpretation of a variety of ways, widespread "no war, poverty eradication, human freedom, equality, fraternity, large capacity inclusive, a beautiful environment, science and technology developed, orderly management" as the main symbol of the world datong idea, promote the international community to carry out exchange and discussion, let the world datong idea into-depth the global, extend the concept of love from local to global perspective, makes love their own country and love the world, love the nation and love others nation, love themselves and others unity, make world datong idea become a banner of leading the people of the world to datong!
(3)Actively promote sustainable development. Adhere to fair, open inclusive concept of development, to establish an effective mechanism of sustainable development. Change the irrational production and consumption patterns, optimize the industrial structure, to reduce the excessive consumption of resources. Actively explore the development of green economy, the development of green technology, innovate transfer mode. Developed countries should take more responsibility for sustainable development, to help developing countries and less developed countries to enhance sustainable development potential.
(4)Efforts to promote the common development of the world. Actively promote regional and global economic cooperation, develop toward balance, promote global economic development toward balance, pratt
&whitney, win-win direction. Continue to promote the World Bank to enhance its role in poverty reduction and development functions. International Monetary Fund and the emerging international financial organizations should establish a rapid and efficient financial rescue mechanism, given priority to the least developed countries and less developed countries to provide financing support. Developed countries should earnestly implement the Monterrey Consensus, to solve the debt difficulties in developing countries. To strengthen the exchange of experience in the development, improve the ability of common development capacity.
(5) play the role of "non-violence". I put forward “political – non military struggle - war" syllogism in the “On Island Warfare”, stressed the need to play the buffering effect of "non violent struggle "phase. When there is dispute, an impasse between countries, the integrated use of political negotiations, diplomacy, economic sanctions, legal argument, public opinion guidance and necessary force display means, to find common interests, narrow differences point, to gradually resolve disputes and avoid war.
(6) control arms race, accelerate disarmament speed. Currently, although the arms control and disarmament work has made great progress, but nuclear proliferation issues are still outstanding, the outer space and network areas face challenges. International rules should be developed as soon as possible, to prevent information space and outer space from becoming a new battlefield. Multilateral disarmament mechanism must revive vitality, continue to promote arms control and disarmament process. Should firmly maintain the authority of the multilateral disarmament mechanism, eliminate interference hegemony, terrorism, extremism sea chauvinism, fair and reasonable solution to the regional conflicts, and create a favorable atmosphere and conditions of disarmament.
(7) actively promote green war legislation. War or armed conflict in a short period of time is difficult to avoid, so I bring up in the “On Island Warfare” with few casualties, less damage, low consumption, environment protection as symbol of the concept of green war. Should promote green war legislation, to ensure control war aims, time, size and region; Control the use of operational means and weapons equipment, and strive to fight non-lethal war, unmanned war, to reduce casualties; Control targets, to reduce damage and harming the innocent; Control the consumption of war and military production, resolutely stop the use of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear and biological, to minimize the environmental pollution.
(8) vigorously promote the world cultural exchanges. Cultural diversity is the basic feature of human society, is also the important driving force for the progress of human civilization. To the different social systems, culture, religion should be based on the spirit of tolerance, respect, equality, promote the exchange of dialogue, communication and understanding, complement each other, in the competition in seeking common ground while putting aside differences, ]in competition and comparison of each other , common development of seeking common ground while reserving difference, efforts to eliminate doubts and estrangement, improve the quality of spirit together, make the world civilization more colorful.
(9) promote the equality development of different ethnic groups. For thousands of years, due to the ethnic problems caused the numerous conflicts and war. At present there are more than 1800 ethnic, distributed in more than 200 countries and regions, have different historical and cultural background, religious belief, lifestyles and customs. The international community must make efforts to address the problems existing in the development of different ethnic groups, particularly serious racial discrimination, poverty and unrest problems, and vigorously to create a social atmosphere of different ethnic equality development and living in harmony.
(10) control land, sea, space environment pollution. Environmental pollution, ecological imbalance, has become a worldwide public hazard. To control pollution, protect the environment, not only needs the joint efforts of the international community, governments, more needs everyone's participation. People of the world should join hands to carry out "I give the earth a kiss" activities, arouse human caring for the earth, cleaning earth consciousness, and promote the overall coordination of resources development and environmental protection, to build a beautiful home of human beings together.
(11) summarize and popularize the successful experience of the European Union and other regional cooperation organization.
War continued in the history of European, Europeans suffered from the war, eager to build a united Europe. After years of effort, they are from the original European Community gradually developed into today's European Union. Each member state give the corresponding power, the EU can represent them to foreign speak, and to coordinate the transaction between the member states, 28 member countries can live in harmony without war. At present, many countries are building regional cooperation organization or community of fate, should earnestly summarize and spread their successful experience, promote one great harmony world.
(12) the development of the world datong law. The current international law, there is still lack of authority, impartiality and serious lag issues, should be amended and improved as soon as possible. Based on this, to study and formulate the "quasi-world government" to implement the rules, regulations, decisions and cases, adjust the relevant domestic law around the world, in order to make clear the responsibility and obligation of "quasi-world government" and the world should bear, provide legal basis for the maintenance of world peace and order.
Nanjing military region commander, "On Island Warfare" author Zhu Wen quan
Xiang yang Chairman (ACAA)
Asia Riches Forum
Asia Cultural Artists Association
Asia Riches International Communication Publishing Hous
Add:Unit 1105 , 11F , Lippo Centre Tower 1 , 89 Queensway ,
Admiralty ,Hong Kong
Tel:00852-25377886 86517-83658219 Fax:00852-25377780 Email:yazhoucaifu@126.com
Mobil:86013951266396 Website:WWW.YZHCFGJL.CN

Assignment Mountain
Wed, June 10, 2015 at 02.24 pm

It's really important issue nowadays. Thus, I glad that this theme raised. We should initiate and support educational changes like we do at http://www.assignmentmountain.com/

CGEC, IUBAT—International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
Fri, May 30, 2014 at 09.05 am

Thank you Chairman, I like your comments. Writing preseves the heritage, cultures, and advancement records of the society. I do appreciate Chinese and Indian cultures and there should be a bondage between the two culture to record their similarities which will further improve the standard of writings.



Asia Riches International Communication Publishing Hous
Thu, May 29, 2014 at 02.58 pm

Asia Cultural Artists Association chairman Mr Xiangyang’s speech of “Global Cultural Artists Exchange Creation and Cultural Art Exchange Summit & Opening Ceremony of Asia Cultural Artists 100 Thousand Talents Project Office” hold in Nanjing China
Dear Gentleman and Ladies ,
Good morning,
  On September 14th,2013, Asia Cultural Artists Association is in support and approval of the United Nations, hold“Asia Cultural Artists 100 thousand talents project and the global cultural art works Asia trading platform price validation the launch conference”. Asia Cultural Artists Association as an important complement to the world to fulfill the Rio +20 conference on sustainable development in the global culture and arts in the world, Logistical support of United Nations responsible for the follow-up to the Rio +20 Conference and be included in the 2013 68th UN General assembly agenda. Rio +20 Conference emphasis on action and implementations of the UN Millennium Development Goals. 2014 is the first year of implementation of the Asia Cultural Artists 100 thousand talents project actions, 10 years will spent to cultivate and deliver 100 thousand culture art talents to the world . 100 thousand Culture Art talents report will be submit to UN General assembly in 2024, and the talents list will be included in annals of the UN document library, be as new power of the global cultural artists to promote the world forever peace. Jiangsu especially Nanjing is the outstanding place. In particular is culture and arts, with the Vigorously assistance of Jiangsu and Nanjing, in the support of United Nations, Asia Cultural Artists Association choose Nanjing as “Asia Cultural Artists 100 thousand talents project office base”.
China is a developing country with rich talents and large population. It plays a leading role in promoting world peace and development, so Development Plan of “the 100 thousand Talent Project” will start from China. This plan will select and cultivate ten thousand cultural artists who can make extensive exchanges with other countries around the world. It will promote the communications among Asian nations and the nations of the world, promote harmony by communication, and promote environmental sustainable development. We will take ten years to complete the target of 100 thousand talent project.
Starting from this conference, we will select one Asian country every year on a regular basis to hold "Asia Cultural Artists Talent" training to make cultural and artistic exchanges with all countries in the world especially Asian countries, and promote easy access for the "flows of civilization and harmony".
The cultural artists who pass the Asia Cultural Artists Association 100 thousand talents project plan training will achieve the culture and arts award fund support which provided by Asia Cultural Artists Association. Asia Cultural Artists Association will set up a global cultural artists fund, which will be held in one Asian country and take turns in every five years. The global cultural artists fund will choose a highest prize winner and reward $1 million; choose five ordinary award winners and reward $200 thousand every five years. Any cultural and artistic creative artists who promote the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for 2015 and development agendas after the Millennium Development Goals can be chosen by Asia Cultural Artists Association.
The global cultural art market requires series of trade rules. Different countries and nationalities have their own cultures and arts. These cultures and arts are the most precious wealth if they can be turned into works of art. How to locate the value of global flow of culture and art works? This problem is concerned by the international community and the countries in the world. Asia Cultural Artists Association, as a part of civil society and cultural art of the United Nations, has the responsibilities and obligations to share the culture and art of the UN to take scientific, reasonable and fair valuation and specification on the value of the global flow of culture and art comply with the principles of international trade. Establishing the Asia trading platform for price review mechanism of global culture and art is the general requirements from the artists who engaged in the cultural and artistic creation to reflect their own value. It will also provide a reasonable and fair price reference standard for global cultural art market.
Cooperating with other countries in the world, Asia Cultural Artists Association will organize the "Asia Cultural Artists Exhibition" with Asian nations which have rich cultures and arts together every three years since 2014. The exhibition takes "collecting global culture and art" as the theme; takes "harmonious multicultural art to promote global environmental sustainable development" as the purpose; takes "achieving the world is a harmonious society regardless of nationality and the country" as the goal.

Ladies and Gentleman, I am very grateful to every reporter friend、artist for attending the Global Cultural artists exchange and create summit and culture art works exhibition, and Asia Cultural Artists 100 thousand talents project office landed in Nanjing、Asia Cultural Artists Association Asia Creation Center in Nanjing opening ceremony. In order to promote Chinese culture to go and take root in the world, develop Chinese culture foreign trade to occupy the world market. Asia Cultural Artists Association is under the core leadership of UN, with the assistance of Nanjing Jiang and the support of Chinese government, I believe that China’s new culture, especially the innovation culture and arts will be able to blossom in the global culture and art market. “Cultural Artists 100 thousand talents project office” is the only international culture arts communication service platform to support full service to every country in the world, is not only beneficial to provide service for cultural artists all around the world, also to China’s foreign exchange of culture artists, promote world-class culture art environment and the development of Chinese culture, provides a fast track to the world. “Cultural Artists 100 thousand talents project office”is the cultural arts action center of link the world culture arts and choose the world excellent cultural artists appointed by (UN)Asia Cultural Artists Association, is also the trade center of global culture art works. This is not only the need of promoting exchange of global culture and arts, also promote the sustainable development of environment especially the sustainable development of culture which is listed in the UN Millennium Development Goals in 2015 after the development agenda.

Finally, wish this various action get a full success!
Thank you!
Xiang yang Chairman
Asia Riches Forum
Asia Cultural Artists Association
Asia Riches International Communication Publishing Hous
Add:Unit 1105 , 11F , Lippo Centre Tower 1 , 89 Queensway ,
Admiralty ,Hong Kong
Tel:00852-25377886 86517-83658219 Fax:00852-25377780 Email:yazhoucaifu@126.com
Mobil:86013951266396 Website:WWW.YZHCFGJL.CN

Jilly Monroe from
Thu, May 29, 2014 at 07.08 am

Education and research paper writing is essential and is the pathway to take you anywhere in the world to do and be whatever it is you put you mind too.

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