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EN - Education in the Post-2015 Agenda - Summary of Outcomes

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Asian Solidarity Economy Coalition (ASEC)
Fri, October 10, 2014 at 07.07 am
الاسم الكامل: Qasim Khashan Abdolreza
اسم العائلة: ALrakabi
الاسم الأول: Qasim
اللقب المهني: Chairman of the Council of the General Secretariat of the Arab edttor net
الشركة: United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)

عنوان العمل: 405 Lexington Avenue,5th Floor (UNAOC)
New York, NY 10174
عنوان IM:

العمل: 009647709458904
المنزل: 009647505696012
الهاتف الجوال: 009647809180855
بريد إلكتروني:
يتم عرض البريد الإلكتروني كـ: Qasim Khashan Abdolreza (

صفحة ويب:

Global media expert
Qasim Khashan Abdolreza
Member of the International Federation of Journalists
A member of the global network of editors
Directorial Arab edttor net
Member of the Advisory Council for the World Press
Arab member of the club for the Media and Information Technologies
A member of the Arab Organization for Press Freedom
President of the media specialist
Expert on rehabilitation training for journalists
Asian Solidarity Economy Coalition (ASEC)
Fri, October 10, 2014 at 07.04 am
And means of communication in public relations
Qasim Khashan wrote journalist Abdolreza Director of the Office of Iraq


Communication is the basic fact of human existence and social process that is

Makes the interaction between members of the community possible through the transfer and exchange of information between the

Members of that community who Bosash unite thought and consistent concepts.

In the modern era leading communications means of its various fundamental task in the delivery

Concepts and clarify for members of the community.

Communication is in public relations is a process through which the delivery of information or

Obtain information so it must be effective communication with intent to cause change

Positive in the community as the weak contact will not come desired result will not

Achieve the desired goal, which is imperative for the sender to know the information reactions

To the requests of the demonstrators at the consignee and not only communicated the information

Abstract only.

It can define the concept of contact in light of the nature and the purposes for which used to be

Achieved behind it and the level of development of the institution which is primarily (mean exchange

Information between the two people in the least, or between two parties as an institution and its audience, for example)

(Or activity which is aimed at achieving public or publicity or spread or

Almolovih to the idea or theme or facility or issue through the transmission of information or

Ideas, opinions, and trends of the person or group of persons or groups to

Using the symbols of the meaning of a unified and understandable to the same degree on both sides

And is it in different media) has been put forward in the Suns Foundation

Media corroborative evidence in human rights organizations of the Arab Network for Information

Human rights demonstrators crystallized requests from people for the people to put in front of our government

National, which focused considerable attention to those requests, either in the administrative area

Contact is defined (as the production or provision or collection of data and information

Necessary for the continuation of the administrative process and transfer or exchange or broadcast so

An individual or group briefing of others things and good news or information or

Influence the behavior of individuals and groups, especially if there were other annually

Ataatdrickha for those groups of demonstrators and change or amendment of this behavior

Or directing a specific destination, and this process is usually in the form of reciprocal on both sides

Not from one side or the sense of the transfer of data and information to give to others

And vice versa)

Elements of communication:

That successful communication requires the availability of a range of elements should be those

Elements of an effective public relations to be able to convey the idea of influencing these

Elements are as follows:

1 Source: He who starts the process of communication may be the source of an individual or

Foundation and the effect of the source depends on how the public's perception of his worth and confidence

Doubt that this is determined based on the degree of experience and maturity to the source of this confidence

The message issued by the institution famous and respectable in the eyes of the public convergence of acceptance

More than a similar message issued by the institution less famous and respected has been found by

Studies conducted in a manner that generally experience higher the reputation of the source

The best stature has increased its ability to acquire the interest and attention of the public and increased

The possibility of their disposal, according to the letter issued by that source

Message 2: the symbols have meaning it serves as the catalyst that wants to connect the sender

To the future and that this incentive is expressed in the symbols of language and sometimes in

Silent unspoken (signals and facial expressions, pictures and drawings) and other

It must be understood symbols of the message for the future in order to achieve its goal Alhafeza.

3 means: a tool that is used to communicate information and ideas

Between the parties to the communication process


The choice of method depends on the following variables:

1 to be the nature of the idea of delivery and their objective.

2 characteristics of the addressee and how to influence it and the tendency for certain means of media

Contact without the other.

3 economic returns and cost trade-offs between the means or the means of communication economically.

4 potential means to achieve the goal as soon as possible.


4 Future: Episode is the fourth in a series of communication and the most important element in which it

Him decide the extent of success of the operation as a result of the way the media interpreted the message and influenced

By communication theories and focus on the importance of all the future it must be taken into account

In all decisions relating to the process of communication.


5. response or feedback means the reaction of the target audience that

Respond to the sender in reverse turns any sender to recipient of a message is done

Using research and studies that will be after the launch of campaigns or messages through

Opinion polls or complaints and suggestions boxes or through newspapers and magazines

And so forth.


Types of communications in the enterprise:

Activities include contact prevailing within the organization reflects the nature of multiple types

Interactions formal and informal, and these contacts are as follows:

First official contacts: divides this type of communication into four types:


A vertical communication: It is divided into:

1 communications calamity.

2-emerging telecoms.

(B) communications and horizontal side

(C) Communications opposite or coaxial

(D) External Communications

Second, informal contacts


First official contacts: This is called a type of communication connections

There is work in organized groups and adopt the effectiveness of this type of communication

Mainly on organizing its channels and divides the four types, namely:

A vertical communication: which in turn are divided into communications calamity

And emerging as follows:

1 communications calamity: include contact from the President to his subordinates as to achieve

This type of connection is working definition of the nature of work and how performance, such as

Notes and group meetings and discuss budgets and other often

The effectiveness of feedback, including low as it consists mainly of receipt of

Commands and implemented by subordinates in practice.

2-emerging telecoms: activities include communications emerging from subordinates to

President and includes the results of the implementation of plans and explain the obstacles and difficulties in implementation

And observations emerging to the president and do not achieve the desired objectives of this communication

However, if workers felt the presence of trust between them and the President.

(B) communications and horizontal side: is the communication between the

Individuals and groups at opposite levels and enhances this type of communication

Necessary relationships between different administrative levels and lead confidence

Mutual to the organization's success in achieving the desired objectives and to strengthen these


(C) opposite or coaxial contacts: include communications between managers

And group work in departments not affiliated with them organizationally and achieve this kind of

Communication interactions taking place between the various divisions in the organization does not appear

This type of communication is usually in the organizational charts, but shows by formulas

Conventional and familiar in communications, especially in large organizations.

(D) External Communications: includes ongoing communication between managers and Parties

Other outside the institution, such as processors, consumers and others, and contribute to communication

State to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of performance and achievement opportunities and investment

Best resources.


Second, informal contacts: It serves as the communications between

Individuals, groups or communities or small informal groups that do not

Governed by formal rules, but usually governed by traditions, customs and cultural norms

This type of communication, lack of organization and in the most difficult conditions

Track channels and features informal contacts at optimal compared Comm



And means of communication in public relations:

Per and means of communication that uses specific as each of them advantages

Own and we find that all the way different from the other in respect of which relate to the public

To it. And its unique network media Suns recorded in the Arabic Network

Information for human rights and whose name became suns Media Foundation so we find

That all the way may be better than others to get a certain type of messages and also create

Certain effects are very likely not be enough and one way to get the full message

PR private institution of large or medium on this basis may be

The use of all or most of the means available to the organization if it wants to get the most

What can the results.

The decisions concerning the use of any means of communication will be placed on light

Targets that have been identified and the research conducted and will be part of the general plan in

This case the problem is known and then you know where to focus its Foundation

And efforts.

When you want the organization in its mission to inform the general public, they are used

And means of communication with the widespread of any mass communication but if

She wanted to go to the staff and workers institution they use the means of communication

Direct personal and Publications Foundation.

Can be divided as follows and means of communication

1 and direct means of communication.

2 means of communication read and written.

3 audible means of communication.

4 communication media video and audio
Asian Solidarity Economy Coalition (ASEC)
Fri, October 10, 2014 at 07.01 am
Asian Solidarity Economy Coalition (ASEC)
Fri, October 10, 2014 at 07.00 am
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