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on Thu, January 10, 2013 at 06.50 am

Faith Matters - the contribution of faith to health and healthcare in the post 2015 agenda. Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)

The Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)[1] is a network of 4,000 doctors and 800 medical students in the UK that has a strong interest in global health in low-income countries. Starting from the premise that there are important links between faith and health, the paper argues that the influence of faith cannot be ignored in the quest to improve the health of the world’s population and that it is important to recognise the essential role of faith based organisations in healthcare provision. The authors posit that faith communities have several important attributes: knowledge relevant to the local population’s faith needs; sustainability, coverage and ability to reach marginalized groups; and understanding of the real needs of local people.

The paper notes that faith-based organisations (FBO’s) make an enormous contribution to healthcare and have played major roles, including in the provision of facility-based health services alongside state health services at district and national levels; training centres for the health workforce; non-facility based health related activities such as home based care and HIV prevention, care and support; co-ordination, fundraising, capacity development, health service supervision and acting as funding channels; advocacy; and health promotion and education.

[1]  Contacts for this submission:  Dr Peter Saunders (CEO), Dr Vicky Lavy (Head of International Ministries)

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Anonymous from
Fri, January 18, 2013 at 06.01 pm
As for my experience, working in HIV CTC in sub-Saharan countries, many are the issue at stake when working with faith health providers in developing countries: highly personalized management of health services a scarce sustainability are only a few. It is my opinion that public/private contracting should be reviewed in order to effectively monitor and evaluate private sector outcomes.
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