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on Tue, December 11, 2012 at 03.56 pm

Busy Christmas for the Post-2015 High Level Panel - by Bernadette Fischler

Busy Christmas for the Post-2015 High Level Panel

by Bernadette Fischler


The Eminent Persons on the High Level Panel (HLP) on post-2015 development, supported by their advisers and the UN HLP secretariat, are currently preparing for their next meeting in Monrovia, Liberia. Preliminary dates are 6-8 February 2013 but it might be moved forward because of diary clashes between the Heads of State co-chairing the Panel.

After focusing on household and individual poverty at the HLP meeting in London, the Monrovia meeting will look at national level issues. The overarching topic will be along the lines of economic transformation, including structural barriers, sustainable and equitable growth, responsible investment by the private sector, and conflict and fragile states. This agenda overlaps with the recent reports and debates on post-2015 in the African Union and UNECA.


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