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on Mon, December 10, 2012 at 04.33 pm
Addressing Inequalities

Discussion Summaries

The following online discussions took place between October 2012 and January 2013.  In total over 1,300 responses were received to the discussions.  Links to mid-discussion summaries are provided below as well as final synopses of each discussion.

1. Gender Equality – led by UN Women and individual expert co-moderators

Final synopsis - español français

2. Gender-based Violence – led by UN Women, UNDP and individual expert co-moderators

Final synopsis | Mid-discussion summaries: Week 1 - Weeks 2-3Week 4

3. LGBTI People – led by OHCHR and Arc International

Final synopsis | Mid-discussion summary

4. Persons with Disabilities – led by UNICEF and IDA

Final synopsis | Mid-discussion summary

5. Economic Inequalities – led by UNICEF, Save the Children, UN DESA and ILO

Final synopsis | Mid-discussion summaries: Week 1 - Weeks 1-3

6. Indigenous Peoples – led by SPFII and experts from Indigenous Peoples' Organizations

Final synopsis | Mid-discussion summaries: Week 1 - Week 2Week 3

7. Young People and Inequalities – led by Restless Development, World Vision International and UNV

Final synopsis | Sub-Discussion Summary: Girls and Young Women

8. Urban Inequalities – led by UNICEF, IIED, UN HABITAT and Slum Dwellers International

Final synopsis

9. Minorities led by Minority Rights Group and OHCHR

Final synopsis

10. Measurement Expert Discussion led by UNICEF, UN Women, ODI and Save the Children

Final synopsis

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Asheesh Kumar Pandey from
Mon, March 24, 2014 at 05.34 am
AINA can be writen in Hindi language as "आइना" which meaning mirror: Mirror is present in our soul which sight us pain of hungry, ill person of our society. We need to give some part of our happiness to reduce their pain.
Somenath Dasgupta from
Thu, September 26, 2013 at 07.30 pm
From the domestic extended to the total woman society in India gender based violence is creating a threat to the civilization.It is not from this century I know in the name of dowry up to the rape several time women are make them victim sometime in the name of religion sometime they are adjusted this violence in the name of their fate.But after crossing many years scenario is not changed.The topic is changed in the name of domestic violence,trafficking,rape.But still now we are helpless to protect the respect of our ladies somewhere they are our sister somewhere they are the housewife.But we demand we are heavily progressed in technology.My questions are
1.If we actually progressed in technology then why this progressed technology cannot implemented for the security of woman when total world is seeking for the violence against woman
2.If we consider that our administration is very strong the why the percentage of trafficking is increasing,then if we can assume that criminals are more efficient than administration.
3.When a incident of domestic violence or rape occurred and that cause death of a woman then our criminal lawyer trying to protect their client in the name of their profession.If their profession allow them to protect a killer or a masked beach.They do not think in front of money may be the victim can be their relative then what they do?
We know there has no answer because corruption is so spread in the society maybe in administration of may be in protector of law there has no perfect opposition of society to prevent this criminals because maximum criminals do the crime under the umbrella of political parties and from anywhere they are protected for giving support of political parties by their criminal ism.This is the ongoing process and our sisters become victim in the mask of poverty or domestic violence.What will be the remedy for these victims.
Andrew Kenny from
Sat, September 28, 2013 at 03.17 pm
I have often wondered about the kind of things that you mentioned. In my case, coming from America, I wondered about our continual involvement in war. At some point I realized that a country has karma just like an individual. The heritage of the U.S. started with the wars in Europe fought by Christians, then the Christian wars against the Indians (read heathens) here, then the many wars fought after the country was formed (in God's name). The problem is when an individual does something often it becomes a habit, for better or for worse. When a country does something often, it is no different: a conditioning sets in and the country keeps doing it. In our case is is war and other problems. Around the world is is brutality against women and girls. Habits (conditioning) are difficult to break, especially when violence is involved. It will probably take violence to overcome violence, but I doubt that's going to happen, or even that it would bring a better result. After writing that last sentence, I realize how conditioned I am. We should just say no to violence, as Mrs. Reagan said about drugs. There should be special compensation for women to offset the violence. This is a serious problem and it needs a serious solution.
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