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Consultation Facilitator
on Thu, November 15, 2012 at 04.20 pm

Addressing inter-linkages between gender-based violence & trafficking in persons to prevent reinforcement of inequalities

*Accepted under the "Addressing Inequalities" Global Thematic Consultation - Call for Proposals for Background Papers, Oct 2012*

by Jennifer Sorensen, Sara Piazzano, Olga DiPretoro, Carolyn O’Donnell, Winrock International

October 2012

Abstract: Acts of gender‐based violence (GBV) – including social discrimination, harmful cultural practices and family violence – are committed throughout countries of varied cultural and religious traditions, political systems and socio‐economic development. Trafficking in Persons (TIP), one of the worst forms of GBV, is often preceded and caused by the inferior position of women and girls in families, communities and societies. In countries where poverty rates are high and gender inequality is pervasive, GBV can lead to the abuse and isolation of women and girls and increase their vulnerability to being trafficked. For more than two decades, Winrock International has worked with women and girls around the world to end TIP and GBV. Winrock’s programs in Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan demonstrate that women’s access to information, livelihoods tools, life skills training and mentoring can empower them to make changes in their lives and rebuild their identities while promoting community understanding and protection of survivors and those at risk. This analysis of the inter‐linkages between GBV and TIP will concentrate on the importance of addressing gender‐based and structural gender inequalities in counter‐trafficking interventions to lessen women’s vulnerability to trafficking, reduce community stigma toward survivors and increase effectiveness of survivor reintegration.

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