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on Wed, November 7, 2012 at 08.17 pm
Conflict, Violence and Disaster

Expert Reference Group

An expert reference group of 12 persons provides advice, critical thinking, and quality assurance throughout the consultation process. It contributes to framing the Consultation as well as providing feedback on materials emanating from the process.

Click here to view the Terms of Reference for the Expert Reference Group

Dr. Bruce Jones,United States
Director, Center on International Cooperation, New York University; 
Director, Managing Global Order (MGO) project; Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Igarape Institute, Brazil
Dr. Robert Muggah, Director

Mr. Alejandro Bendana, Nicaragua
Independent Consultant

Dr. Cedric de Coning, South Africa
Fellow, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Advisor, ACCORD

Institute for Economics and Peace, Australia
Dr. Camilla Schippa, Director

Dr. Emily Harwell, United States
Partner, Natural Capital Advisors, LLC

Dr. Agnés Callamard , France
Executive Director, Article 19

Dr. Abid Suleri, Pakistan
Executive Director, Sustainable Development Policy Institute

Dr. Thelma Ekiyor, Nigeria
CEO, Afrigrants Resources

Dr. Throya Obaid, Saudi Arabia
Former Executive-Director of UNFPA

Prof. Daniel Maxwell, United States
Professor and Research Director
Feinstein International Center
Tufts University

Dr. Priyanthi Fernando, Sri Lanka
Executive Director, Centre for Poverty Analysis

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