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Roshni Menon
on Sun, October 7, 2012 at 11.46 pm

OHCHR/UNDP Expert Consultation - Democratic governance and human rights: Criteria and measurement proposals for a post-2015 development agenda

Start date: 
Tue, 2012-11-13
End date: 
Wed, 2012-11-14
New York

In order to facilitate a discussion with experts on measurement methods for development goals from across the UN system, academia and governmental and non-governmental entities, UNDP and OHCHR are planning a technical meeting on these issues on 13-14 November 2012 in New York.

The technical meeting is intended to produce outputs relevant to the work of the HLP, OWG and other key consultation and reporting processes relevant to the post-2015 agenda.

The technical meeting will have two parts:

Day 1 will address the question: "What role and impact do measurement frameworks for global development goals have, in what ways can they strengthen accountability for human rights and governance outcomes, and what overall criteria should guide the selection of targets and indicators?"

The meeting will propose a set of criteria that could be useful for technical experts who will elaborate the monitoring framework of a new development agenda, and for member States in the OWG and other relevant forums, based on key practical and normative considerations and building upon the criteria already agreed at the Rio+20 conference.

Day 2 will focus on governance as one area where lack of measurement and political consensus has effectively blocked it from becoming part of the global development framework. More specifically, it will focus on the question:"What are examples of targets and indicators in democratic governance ’gap areas’ at the national level (including key civil and political rights domains such as political participation, personal security, and access to justice) and at the international level, and how do they fare with regard to the discussed selection criteria?”

Meeting reports:


Practical documents:


Background documents:


Related materials provided by experts and participants:

Varieties of Democracy Project

  • V-Dem Project Description: Describes the rationale, approach, and methodology of Varieties of Democracy, a new global collaboration to measure hundreds of attributes of democratic governance for all countries since 1900. This document also describes the organization of the project, funding to date, and expected payoffs. Further information, including all pilot data, is available at https://v-dem.net.
  • V-Dem Codebook: Lists all 400 indicators that are to be included in the Varieties of Democracy dataset, along with their sources and method of collection.
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