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on Wed, October 3, 2012 at 03.24 pm

Positioning health in the new development agenda

Within the MDG framework, the goals were clear, concise, measurable, and resonated with decision-makers and the general public. But health is a complex field and a reductionist approach focused on a limited set of indicators cannot capture important trends. New indicators for monitoring progress should be based on an in-depth, analytical effort that brings together – in a readily comprehensible format or dashboard – multiple quantitative indicators with summary information on context, determinants, and policy and institutional coherence.
(Carla Abouzahr, 1 October 2012)

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The challenge is how to frame an overarching health goal and target in a way that drives change that is relevant for all countries; that acknowledges health as a global concern (and thus as something for which countries have collective as well as individual responsibilities); that appeals to politicians and the public; and is actually measurable. No easy task.”
(UN Think piece on Health, May 2012)

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