Menstruation Hygiene Awareness Month: The World We Want Launches #GetWithIt Campaign to Break the Silence Around Menstruation

The World We Want, has launched an inspiring call to action to break the silence around menstruation.

 With the aim of raising awareness throughout May and June to encourage actionable change with its campaign, #GetWithIt. 

Using the power and behaviour shaping influence of social media, #GetWithIt encourages user generated content by highlighting purpose champions to strive meaningful change. The initiative will also support the efforts of GiveIndia, India’s leading fundraising platform, as part of their campaign to distribute sanitary products to enable safe, dignified menstruation free of prejudice, isolation, or ridicule. 

The #GetWithIt campaign aims to bring together A-list stars, organisations, social media influencers and members of the public to start talking and learning about periods by spreading a message that emphasises individual thoughts on menstruation hygiene and accessibility – a basic right that millions do not currently have. 

Globally, the topic of menstruation has left many people marginalised within their society, driven by centuries-old myths and taboos about periods and identity, which has resulted in many young girls and women dropping out of school and higher education, creating a vicious cycle of injustice for people with menstrual cycles. This has a direct impact on health, livelihoods and economic status for women which grows every time we stay silent and fail to make a change. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many menstruating people in India at risk from serious illness and death as they are unable to afford basic sanitary products to use during their cycle. By prioritising other necessities over their menstrual health, they are turning to unsafe practices of using ash and hay covered in rags during their period instead. This increases their risk of contracting cervical cancer, Hepatitis B, and reproductive infections. 

With India and many other countries enduring a period poverty crisis, #GetWithIt will be at the forefront of a collaborative movement, where the power of social media will be used to create a collaborative movement. 

To get involved, users can post the following on their social media pages: 

1. Click a picture of yourself holding a sanitary product or draw one on a piece of paper if you do not have one to hand! 

2. Post a caption using the hashtag #GetWithIt along with your thoughts on menstruation hygiene and accessibility. 

3. Nominate individuals to repeat Step 1, 2, 3.

4. Visit and support this @GiveIndia’s campaign. 

The World We Want has already established itself as a leader in challenging and changing society wide attitudes towards menstruation. Its extensive work with ground-breaking Bollywood film Padman, starring international megastar Akshay Kumar, received several accolades for its successful attempt to address the social issue of menstruation. Other projects also include the global series called ‘Let’s Talk!’ with supermodel Natalia Vodianova and charitable platform, Elbi, 

which takes high profile discussions around women’s health to different destinations around the world. 

Speaking about the #GetWithIt campaign, Natasha Mudhar, Founder of The World We Want, said: “For too long, those who bleed have been marginalised by society. There is a longstanding stigma that has lasted for centuries and has severely delayed the progress towards achieving the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. 

“We are confident that the #GetWithIt campaign can prove to be the catalyst for a revolution by bringing periods into the 21st century, empowering millions by giving them the tools to spread the message to normalise a basic biological process – menstruation. 

“Working closely with an organisation like GiveIndia is testament to our passion for supporting these efforts and ensuring that those who need help most are getting it. We know that keeping periods at the top of the agenda can help see it become a normalised topic of discussion and a part of everybody’s lives. We want you to use social media to create a positive impact, in a time when the world really needs it. We want you to be the change that you know you can be.” 

The World We Want is dedicated to accelerating the progress towards achieving the UN SDGs by 2030 through positive action, strategic communication, and global connections. It has a mission to convert awareness of global issues into real, meaningful action by leveraging the power of empathy, unlocking the strength of multi-stakeholder collaborations, launching global communications strategies, and applying creative storytelling, to shape policies and priorities.