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Welcome to the Culture and Development Dialogue

This is an open and inclusive forum for civil society, governments, donors, policy makers, and all other stakeholders to discuss, formulate and shape the Post-2015 development agenda as it relates to culture, cultural dynamics and culturally sensitive approaches.

The goal of the consultation is to stimulate the exchange of views, experiences and perspectives on how culture relates to development. Collectively, stakeholders can articulate priorities for the realization of human dignity for all, for the reduction of poverty and inequality, and for the positioning of culture and cultural interventions as potent and effective drivers and enablers of just and sustainable development, in reinforcement of foundational universal human rights and values. Please join us for a constructive, dynamic and engaging dialogue.

Global Report on Culture and Development!



Access and Download:

Global report Post-2015 Dialogues on culture and development


25 March 2015 - Launch of the Global Report on Culture and Development

The Final Report of the Post-2015 Dialogues on Culture and Development will be launched on the margins of the Post-2015 negotiations on Sustainable Development Goals and Targets (23-27 March) at the UN Headquarters in New York on 25 March 2015, in the course of a breakfast meeting jointly organized by UNESCO, UNFPA and UNDP with key Permanent Missions to the United Nations.

1 November 2014 - Mali organizes the final closing event for its national consultations on the role of culture for development in the presence of the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Heads of UN Agencies, and more than 100 representatives of the culture and development sectors in all parts of the country.

National Consultation Countries present their findings on Culture and Development in Florence, Italy on 3 October 2014

#Culture2015Goal: Global campaign by culture NGOs and civil society reaches over 1700 signatories from over 120 countries to the Declaration on the Inclusion of culture in the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

3 July 2014 - Bosnia and Herzegovina: Launch of National Consultations on Culture and Development.

The Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sredoje Nović, referred to the necessity of including society at large in culture preservation activities, with a focus on education. ''I believe that culture in this country should be instilled at pre-school institutions. It is thus necessary to start from scratch and make a step forward. Only 13% of children attend pre-school institutions,'' outlines Nović. ''We have to instil more in children. Education and culture have to go hand in hand.''
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Interim Report

Download the interim report on the 6 ongoing Dialogues on Means of Implementation - including "Culture and Development"

How to Participate

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2. Read and comment on the Joint Concept Note, National Concept NotesKey Documents, and Select Publications (below)

3. Participate! Join the e-discussions below.

4. Submit papers outlining best practices. Read the call for papers here

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This is a public, moderated consultation: information posted here is public and may appear in search results.

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MDG-Fund Culture and Development
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Summary report of Special Thematic Debate Culture and Sustainable Development in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, United Nations, New York, USA, is now online.

June 18, 2014, UNFPA, New York, USA: Addressing Son Preference, Low Value for Girls and Gender-Biased Sex Selection: Why We Care

June 12, 2014, United Nations, New York, USA: What's Behind What People Want? Perspectives on Values for SDGs. Details here.  

June 2-4, Istanbul, Turkey: Building a Faith-based Momentum in support of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for the Post-2015 Agenda. (South-south consultation)

May 12-13, UNFPA, New York, USA: Religion and Development, Post-2015: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Guidance. Moderated by Olav Kjörven, UNDP.

May 5, 2014, United Nations, New York, USA: Culture and Sustainable Development in the Post-2015 Development Agenda - Special Thematic Debate. Video link here

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